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released September 1, 2015

Carolyn - Bass, Vocals
Jesse - Guitar, Vocals
Linn - Drums



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Hoax Device Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Everyone in Southern California is Psychic
Oh no, tarot
You’re gonna tell me how my future’s gonna go? OK!
Tell me more, what do you see?
Your crystal ball’s got nothing on me, no way!

Read my mind, what did you say?
I said you’re ripping people off every day
Gotta prediction, gonna come true
Everybody’s gonna turn on you

A new religion for the suckers
You must think I'm one dumb motherfucker

Retrograde, are you afraid?
Just buy this crystal and you’ve got it made, OK!
Healing energy, but its not for free
You want more answers? Well, you gotta pay a fee, today!

I predict no future for you.
Track Name: No Room for The Holy Ghost
No room for the Holy Ghost
He always tries to get too close
No room for the Holy Ghost
Don't wanna dance with your host

He don't love me, this I know
And I'm gonna tell him so

They've got their hands up to the sky
There's no one there, so don't ask why (or what would he do?)
Nothing above & nothing below
So shut up, and let's go! GO!
Track Name: I Wanna Know What Goth Is (I Want You To Show Me)
Beach Goth
Witch Goth
Rich Goth
Bitch Goth
Health Goth
East Goth
West Goth
Mall Goth
Street Goth
City Goth
Shitty Goth
Suburbs Goth
Forest Goth
Desert Goth
Space Goth

What did you do with all your clothes from last year?
Track Name: Big Fuck Hunter HD
3, 2, 1 Reach for your gun
Now you’re killing, now you’re having fun
You say do it for the sport, your time needs to be cut short
I see you hiding in the trees, you’re a walking talking fucking disease
You should wait for them to show, we’ll be waiting for you to go

They’re just like us, but not like you
You’re the animal, need to be hunted too
Use every part, you justify
Keep believing your own fucking lies
Track Name: I Live Inside of a Screen
Up every day
Inside of a screen
I got to work
Inside of a screen
Then I go Home
Inside of a screen
And that’s where I live
Inside of a screen

Why go anywhere, Why do anything?
I see it all, from inside of my screens
Living my life through my device
I see it all, who needs real life?

I see the field & the trees
Inside of a screen
I see all the cities
Inside of a screen
I wanna talk to you
Inside of a screen
I can stalk both of you
Inside of a screen
I saw you got married
Inside of a screen
I saw the baby you carried
Inside of a screen
I saw my friends that died
Inside of a screen
I saw the people cry
Inside of a screen
I saw they broke up
Inside of a screen
I saw you’re whole life’s fucked
Inside of a screen
Don’t go outside, stay
Inside of a screen
I just want to hide
Inside of a screen
I’ll always be here
Inside of a screen
Year after year
Inside of a screen